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Glamour Model

shutterstock 51602131

A lot of women believe that becoming a Glamour Model is  an easy task.  The reality is, glamour modelling is an extremely difficult industry to break into, similar to beginning a career as an actor. START UP Models can help guide you on how to become a first class glamour model and what is required.

The number one thing to bear in mind before you embark on your journey into Glamour Modelling is that the images or videos that you make are out there forever, they can’t be retracted. Therefore it is essential to be sure that you are you are 100% sure that glamour modelling is the career for you.

Once you are sure you wish to become a Glamour Model, it is vital that you take the utmost pride in your appearance and body. Maintaining a fit and amazing body is a vital element of being a successful Glamour Model.  To put it in simple terms, the more amazing you look, the higher calibre of work opportunities will present themselves to you. One of the main elements in breaking into the glamour modelling industry is the more open-minded and adventurous you are the better it is for you. The more styles of glamour modelling you are willing to do will greatly increase your chances of getting more glamour modelling work.

It is so  much simpler to break into Glamour Modelling if you are professional from the start. The main requirements are to be attractive, have fantastic interpersonal skills, be open-minded, and you must be able to follow instructions.

If you are serious about becoming a Glamour Model and want to take your career in your own hands contact us and we will put together an action plan with you.

Fitness Model

shutterstock 112330751

Fitness modelling is a highly competitive industry that will take hard work and dedication to break into. There are literally thousands of people with fit toned bodies looking to make a career out of their appearance. So to compete, you must be prepared to put 100% of your effort into promoting yourself and learning how to impress the right people in the industry.

START UP Models is here offer advice to you as to how you can carve out your career. Most fitness models use modelling as a part time job and flexible source of income. However it is important to remember that although fitness modelling can be part time, maintaining your ‘look’ will be a full time practice. As a basic rule you will need to be able to maintain a consistent body shape with good muscle tone and general fitness. You must also be considerate of your hair, teeth and skin. You must maintain an overall look of desired health. As a fitness model you will promote products such as protein bars, health shakes, sports clothes, fitness magazines etc. You may also promote non-fitness related products but this will be less often. Therefore, fitness is your key market so you must stay in shape.

Body Parts

shutterstock 107141858

Being a body parts model may seem a very strange profession to have, but many models make a lot of money just by modelling parts of their bodies that have a special quality.

Sometimes commercial or fashion models, who look good in a full length picture modelling an outfit, do not necessarily have nice enough feet to have a close up of their shoes and this is where the parts model come in. They are employed because they usually specialize in modelling one part of the body.

This specialized type of model can be used in photographic shoots to help promote and sell products or in films where the producers or directors are looking specifically for that "someone" with beautiful hands or killer legs!

Some models only model parts, however, commercial, fashion, petite, mature, plus size and glamour models can also do parts modelling as long as they meet the required standards.

Hand models are used to model many different types of products, for example; rings and bracelets for jewellers, nail polish, nail extensions and hand creams.

Requirements for Hand Models include;

  • Smooth skin
  • Long slender graceful looking hands and fingers
  • Great shape and the ability to pose your hands so they look relaxed
  • No blemishes or uneven skin tone
  • Men’s hands shouldn’t be too hairy
  • Neat and even nails

Requirements for Foot Models include;

  • smooth skin
  • evenly shaped toes
  • be free of things like corns and hang nails
  • no blemishes or uneven skin tone
  • neat and even nails
  • attractive ankles

Some of the things foot models advertise are shoes, ankle bracelets, toe rings, creams, sprays, polishes, socks ect.

Legs models are normally associated with tall models. The legs should look long, shapely, smooth, be well moisturized, waxed and free of blemishes and varicose veins. Leg models sell lots of products such as stockings, razors, bath products and lotions.

These are the main three types of body-parts modelling; however there is also a market for ears, hair, bottoms, necks, eyes and lips.

Plus Size

At START UP Models we welcome aspiring models of all shapes and size. You have to have a model look and it is essential that you photograph well but we do not advocate the “size zero” model which promotes an unhealthy attitude to body image.

The modelling industry has changed considerably over the last few years and casting directors are now looking for real women to front their campaigns- think of the Dove Girls. They are all beautiful, healthy real women with curves and they are all working as professional models. Models with curves and plus size models are in demand more then ever before with brands such as Bravissimo and Simplybe.com becoming market leaders.

Plus-size model Robyn Lawley has become somewhat of supernova in the fashion industry, defying thinness to star on the world's most covetable magazine covers and ad campaigns.

The 23-year-old's curves have been featured on Vogue Italia and French Elle, and now, she has become the first plus-sized model ever to star in a Ralph Lauren campaign, breaking apart ingrained notions that bigger can't be beautiful

Plus sized models should be a size 14 – 18 and be confident with their body as well as having a great look and lots of charisma.

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