Female Modelling

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Female modelling is exciting and rewarding but you need advice if you are new to the industry. If you dream has always been to become a model then we can assist you in your journey and help to kick start your modelling career. We are not a modelling agency but a platform to get you started.

To become a model you need more than good looks and a good body. You need the right attitude lots of ambition and the determination to succeed. You need to have a likeable personality as you will be working with teams of professionals who will expect you to be easy to get along with. You should be confident and able to strike up a conversation with new people.

Modelling can be a thrilling job choice and can be financially rewarding, however it is competitive especially for girls so you need to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Becoming a female model will not happen overnight. One of the most useful tools you can use is a professional looking and versatile portfolio showcasing you in the best light. You can then use this to get as much exposure for yourself as possible. This is where we can help you in your journey to becoming a model. We can help create your model portfolio which as a model is your CV, and we can point you in the right direction to find work or get signed to a professional agency. One thing you must always take on board is that nothing is ever guaranteed and if you decide to enter the modelling industry you need to be prepared for some rejection, as you will not get every casting you go for. Having a supportive family and network of friends is important.

Being a model can be a full time job. You need to take care of your appearance and ensure you have a healthy body, good skin hair and nails and you should keep fit. You should also take an interest in fashion and know how to dress yourself for castings.

During your time at START UP Models our industry experts will discuss what type of Female Model you could be. You could be suitable for High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Health & Fitness, Lingerie or even promotional modelling. It is important to know what your market is and to target the right model agencies for you.

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